RAREPEPE: The Origin of CryptoArt

RAREPEPE (also known as Nakamoto card) is the first NFT of the Rarepepe collection, created in September 2016, with a supply of 300 cards.

It started as a funny experience, with an anonymous creator, Mike, proving that on the Bitcoin blockchain, memes really are rare. From there creators from everywhere in the world created their own vision of what is a "Rarepepe", and contributed to the collection until 2018 where it closed, with 1774 different cards.

This decentralized art movement was the turning point in what was called at that time "Rare digital art" and became later the NFT movement will all know. It inspired CryptoPunks, Cryptokitties, and many other projects.

RAREPEPE is a museum piece, and can now be collected as a pure NFT, numbered from 1 to 300 thanks to the parsing of the Bitcoin blockchain. For each id, a unique "Nakamoto" PFP is associated.

The collection

List of all the RAREPEPE cards with their ID and PFP associated


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